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UNHCR is looking forward to supporting and working as a partner on the multi-media art project, Children Play at the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. We believe the positive approach of this project  – focusing on children at play rather than on their misery – will help increase empathy and support for the over one million Syrian refugee children. My team at UNHCR is placing a strong emphasis on promoting the needs of Syrian refugee children – far too many are suffering from trauma, isolation and are out of school, working and in some cases exploited. We are working to put an end to this.

Melissa Fleming
Head, Communications and Public Information Service
Spokesperson for the High Commissioner
Division of External Relations

PLAN Thailand International,

co-operation for the production children’s play in Thailand 2012.

Plan Thailand sees the magnitude of children’s participation, especially for children from the most-at-risk populations. Under our Child Protection scheme, we look into promoting children’s participation which includes encouraging children to enjoy their leisure time and activity.”
– Maja Cubarrubia
Country Director of Plan Thailand

cooperation with Baan Mai Santi School, Baan Pang Wua, Maesalongnok, Mae Fa Luang, Chiang Rai – a PLAN International (Thailand Office) supported school

Delta Cultura Cabo Verde,

an independent child supporting organisation.
A fantastic co-operation  to this project was established in 2011 with the first realization in Tarafal.

The first major partnership with a 4 years plan of financial support to realize the project until
2014 could be found in the co-operation with UNIQA Assurances SA Switzerland which is like the kick off for the whole project.


The children’s play project is still in communication with UNICEF Asia for a production in Nepal…


An international supported school project for South African children, initiated by Austrian Green Party politican Christoph Chorherr…

UNIQA Assurances SA Suisse

supports the children’s play from its first moment on, and is a sustainable partner today –  without this financial support coming from UNIQA Switzerland the project would not have been able to take of – thank you very much for your enthusiasm, support and your fidelity!

CANON Austria

supports the children’s play from its first moment on
by offering the best camera equipment and lenses available to realize those gigapixel
photography productions – thank you very much CANON AUSTRIA for having this fantastic technical support!

WBI Wallonie Bruxelles International

supports the productions in Cabo Verde, Thailand and South Africa for travel costs and daily allowences during the productions – thank you very much for this precious contribution to the project.


partners statements & motivations:

UNIQA Assurances SA

“UNIQA Assurances SA is a Swiss private health insurance company, headquartered in Geneva, which offers world-wide comprehensive health/accident insurance solutions to international organisations, diplomatic missions and multinational entreprises. UNIQA Assurances SA Switzerland is part of the UNIQA Group, headquarted in Vienna and one of the leading insurance groups in Western and Central Europe, serving more than 7.5 million customers on 21 markets.

UNIQA’s corporate philosophy is characterised by equality, respect, community and flexibility. The vision of the Children’s play project converges perfectly with our fundamental values and shows to our clients an interesting sample of the type of art that we are happy to support.

UNIQA Assurances SA is proud to bring its sustainable support to the AUSTRIA. Initially we found the artistic and humanitarian dimension of their work particularly appealing at the 2011 exhibition The Human Rights Project  at the United Nations Council of Human Rights in Geneva. We already noticed there an artwork of high artistic quality, featuring images out of the ordinary, combined with a strong desire of promoting the human rights protection.

In the continuity of the spirit  of the The Human Rights Project, the  « Chlidren’s play » project is an innovative approache to the interpretation of the article 31 of the rights of the child convention. We wish good luck to the artists and we’d be delighted to share their succes in bringing hope and joy to children around the world.”


CANON Austria

“Canon supports social youth projects all over Europe and appreciates a lot to be technical provider to this professional production.”


current project sponsors



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